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Home Energy Solutions

Smart energy solutions - solar panels, wind turbines, generators, hot water heat pumps

Home Energy Solutions - Solar Power, Wind Turbines & more

Home Energy Solutions is based in Wellington, New Zealand and supplies high quality renewable energy solutions  including solar panels, solar batteries,  hot water heat pumps, wind turbines, SunMate power optimisers, portable and stationery generators, and much more.

Home Energy Solutions is a Kiwi owned family business offering top of the range solar and wind products.  Our commitment to bringing Kiwis quality solar and wind at prices you can afford is possible as we don't have the high overheads of running a large company that others have.  This means you win with high quality products at an affordable price!

We bring you 25 years of solar and wind expertise through our partnership with Australian Wind and Solar.

Solar - NZ distributor for Simax A grade photovoltaic panels

Maintenance free batteries - German BAE batteries

Wind turbines - from small  wind turbines (marine) to large wind turbines from AWS

Power Optimiser - popular and effective SunMate to get the most effective use of your renewable energy supply

Hot water heating - cost effective hot water heating

Underfloor heating - heat pumps circulate water to uniformly heat the whole house (even multistorey buildings)

Generators - Pramac generators - both portable and stationery

Free power 

Wind - New Zealand has great wind resources, making it an obvious choice for your electricity supply. 

Solar - Many parts of the country enjoy high sunshine hours, making solar power  a great option for New Zealand home owners. 

Environmental Benefits - Let's keep New Zealand clean and green! 
Renewable energy technologies are clean sources of energy that have a much lower environmental impact than conventional energy technologies. New Zealand already has a great track record of using renewable energy with hydroelectricity generation.  In 2013 New Zealand sourced 38% of its total energy from renewable resources. Most of this was used to produce electricity - the rest was used to produce heat for industrial processes and fuel for transport. 

Energy for our children's children's children

Renewable energy will not run out.  Other sources of energy are finite and will some day be depleted.


We are proud to be the New Zealand distributor for the following quality products:

  • Simax Solar (photovoltaic) Panels
  • AWS Wind turbines
  • AWS SunMate power optimisers
  • BAE maintenance free batteries
  • Pramac generators

Installers and suppliers - please contact us for wholesale pricing on any of these products.

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